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大都會/西馬分類 (Metro / W. Malaysia Only)
Sin Chew Daily Classifieds Package

Validity period – with effect from 2021

彩色優惠配套(業務/汽車/產業)(星洲 ) Metro Only

a) 6colx18cm RM 2,200.00 1期 (5期送3期)

b) 10colx 6cm RM 1,000.00 1期 (5期送3期)

c) 2colx6cm RM 120.00 1期 (8期送2期)

d) 2colx6cm RM 150.00 1期 ( 3期送1期)

e) 2colx12cm RM 240.00 1期 (8期送2期)

f) 2colx12cm RM 300.00 1期 (3期送1期)

g) 4colx6cm RM 240.00 1期 ( 8期送2期)

h) 4colx6cm RM 300.00 1期 (3期送1期)

i) 4colx12cm RM 480.00 1期 (8期送2期)

k) 13colx6cm RM 1388.00 1期 (1期送1期)

* 所有彩色廣告不分類別,將集中刊登

Terms & Conditions

Normal classifieds rates apply, strictly no further discount.

Not applicable to existing packages/partnership contract.

– Standard columns up to 6 col , minimum 10 cm and maximum 30 cm height allowed as long as in classifieds ads format.

No cancellation is allowed once confirmed to take up the package.

Space availability will be based on first come first serve basis.

The above packages are valid for direct booking only